Chao Travellers

As Chao Travellers (pronounced ‘chow’; a friendly and universal hello/goodbye greeting) we are committed to coming and going with purpose. In general, we want to travel better. We realize that the choices we make can have a big impact on the people and places we encounter, and us, too! 

Dreamt up during the Covid-19 pandemic that shut down the world, Chao Travellers was created to inspire more conscious travel upon the world reopening. The year 2020 was a reminder of how small and connected the world really is, and how we must take care of each other and our planet. 

We challenge you to slow down, seek meaningful experiences, and learn more about the places you go.

Meet Steph & Jimmy McKnight

We're high-school sweethearts who have always had a little curiosity and a lot of creativity (hello, Chao!). Together we have travelled to several places and countries, but it’s not the number that matters to us; it’s the meaningful experiences that have shaped who we are and what we do. 

Jimmy is an athletic therapist and in the hockey off-season we love to travel, learning more about the world and collecting inspiration for Stephanie’s work as a graphic designer. 

We have put our heads and hearts together to create the Chao Travel Journal and we’re so excited to share it with you, who in turn will share it with the world! 

Don’t travel less; travel better.

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    The Chao Travel Journal is made from vegan leather, recycled Eska® board and soy-based ink.

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Want to travel better?

The Chao Travel Journal is the perfect place to start. Choose from Tan or Bone ... and get planning!

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