About Chao

Travellers + Journal + Community

As Chao Travellers (pronounced 'chow'; a friendly and universal hello/goodbye greeting) we are committed to coming & going with purpose. In general, we want to travel better. This includes everything from personal safety and budgeting to supporting local culture and business to reducing our environmental footprint ... for the love of everyone.

For years, we *Stephanie* looked for the perfect travel journal and could never find it, always settling for a lined notebook. As we added to our list of visited places, we also added to our journal collectioneach one sporting a different (and often tacky) cover.

And then the pandemic hit ... it was July 2020 and we were feeling the effects of it HARD. Sad for the world, missing travel, and stuck indoors with nothing left to watch on Netflix, we started looking back on old travel photos and dreaming of where to go next. And that's where the idea of Chao began! 

  • Where to next? 

  • How can we travel better? 

  • Let's start planning for fun! 

  • Is there a journal for that? All of that? Planning, learning, reflecting ... 

  • Is there a "pretty" journal? Like one that is worthy of a spot on the coffee table?

And so we put our minds together! Art (Steph) meets science (Jimmy)  ... and TA-DA! You have a pretty yet practical journal: the Chao Travel Journal. Stephanie is a Graphic Designer (see Tidal Design Studio), so design and details are importantfrom the round corners to the packing checklist. Whereas Jimmy is the "medical guy" (or Athletic Therapist) who puts safety above all, making sure emergency info and medical supplies are in tow wherever we go. With that being said, we have poured our hearts, souls, and expertise into this journal and we are so excited to share it with you who in turn will share it with the world!


"No one can do everything,
but everyone can do something"


Chao Cares 

Chao Travellers has partnered with TreeEra whose 1:Tree program plants one tree for every package we ship. 

Together, we can offset our carbon footprint and help fight climate change. 

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic (Covid-19), we were reminded of how small and connected the world really is, and how we must take care of each other and our planet.

Stay tuned for updates on our CO2 offset and how many trees we've planted with your help!

Travel better + plant a tree.
Imagine where we'll be?

TreeEra 1 package = 1 tree planted