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Plan your next trip — using the Chao Travel Journal and our Travel Guides.
We challenge you to slow down, seek meaningful experiences and learn more about the places you go. Now is the time to #travelbetter


Your All-in-One Journal

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    Plan Your Trips

    Everything in one place — from things to do & see to packing checklists and important travel information.

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    Document Memories

    A beautiful keepsake filled with memories to look back on. Capture 8 trips in 1 journal. So many warm fuzzies!

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    Make a Difference

    Feel good about slow travel, supporting local, keeping your footprint light, and learning a bit about the places you go.

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    Travel Better

    The choices you make can have a big impact on the people and places you encounter on your travels ... and you, too!

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What's inside?

  • World map
  • Bucket list
  • Custom table of contents
  • Holds 8 different adventures
  • 'Before You Go' planning prompts
  • 'On the Go' reflection prompts
  • Blank space
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Here's what people are saying

  • Chao Travel Journal Testimonial 1

    "This journal is perfect because it lets us do everything in one place—from trip planning to reflecting. Great for do-it-yourself adventure travellers like us!"

    - Kerri-Lee B.

  • Chao Travel Journal Testimonial 2

    "We are absolutely in love with this travel planner! It's beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring. We love the map at the beginning and the extra space throughout to jot down ideas and memories!"

    - Clayton & Candice J.

  • Chao Travel Journal Testimonial 3

    "The Chao Travel Journal was the missing piece to our adventures. From budgeting and safety planning to making sure every memory is captured ... we never leave on a trip without it."

    - Carleigh B.

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Stephanie and Jimmy McKnight, Founders of Chao Travellers

Meet Steph & Jimmy McKnight

We're high-school sweethearts who have always had a little curiosity and a lot of creativity (hello, Chao!). Together we have travelled to several places and countries, but it’s not the number that matters to us; it’s the meaningful experiences that have shaped who we are and what we do. Come along with us!

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